Teami Skinny Tea & 20oz Tumbler Bundle – All Natural Energy and Immune Boosting Detox Tea Supporting Healthy Metabolism…


Skinny Tea – Energy Booster: Make yourself a Teami Skinny Tea to boost your morning with plant-based caffeine. This Skinny Tea blend can replace your morning cup of coffee and sustain the energy you need to take on the day!
Skinny Tea – Super ingredients: Yerba Mate, we love yerba mate for its clean, plant-based caffeine! Oolong Tea has been widely regarded to benefit metabolism rates, Jiaogulan a super herb, this tea acts as an adaptogen to balance your body from outside stressors.
Tumbler – Practical Daily Use: Double-layered walls make a highly durable tumbler that is perfect for hot or cold beverages! Store tea bags, vitamins, etc. in your secret container that unscrews from the bottom. Contains a removable mesh infuser making it easy anytime, anywhere.


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