TC1 Sweat More Bundle Includes Sweat Belt and TC1 Topical Sweat Gel Workout Enhancer with Capsaicin


šŸ”„TURN UP THE HEAT: TC1 Gel Topical Pre-Workout was specifically designed to enhance your workouts by accelerating your warm-up and recovery time. | TC1 bundle includes a TC1 Jar + TC1 Waist Belt
šŸ”„ACCELERATION & RECOVERY: TC1 Gel will help by increasing your body temperature thus making you sweat more. Rub TC1 Gel on those problem areas and feel the Capsaicin go to work. The more you work out the more you will feel the effects giving you more motivation to go longer and harder than you have ever gone before!
šŸ”„ADVANCED FORMULATION: TC1 topical pre-workout gel formulation is our most advanced and complete pre-workout product on the market. Precision-engineered to give the ultimate topical pre workout performance advantage over the competition.


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