Squeeze Dried Mermaid Lemonade with Prebiotics and Lemon, All-Natural Spirulina, and Blue-Green Algae Powder, Non-GMO…


MER-MAZING SUPERFOOD POWDER: Our Mermaid Lemonade is a refreshing combo of spirulina, blue-green algae, lemon, and prebiotics. Spirulina is a potent microalga packed with vitamins and minerals that support eye and brain health. Blue-green algae help boost your energy and immune system.
DRINK BLUE, TASTE LEMON: Green juice isn’t the only healthy beverage option. This blue lemonade has a citrus taste and brings the wellness of increased energy, clarity, and eye and brain support. The added prebiotics can help your gut while your body absorbs all the spirulina goodness.
FOR YOUR ACTIVE LIFESTYLE: Just keep swimming forward with our spirulina and blue-green algae supplement packs. Work, family, kids—you do a lot. Our powder is ready to add to water so you can maintain a healthy, busy life. Take your superfoods on your schedule. We squeeze for you.