Lava 196 – Advanced 3-Stage Fat Burner for Men & Women – Thermogenic Metabolism Booster – Hormone & Muscle Support…


Legendary results: Unfortunately, Many fat burners can leave your muscles looking flat. With lava 196, you can lose the fat and keep your muscle. In collaboration with legendary Golden Era icon samir bannout, we modernized and brought back this effective formula he created and used during his prep for the 1983 mr. olympia win. This is the only formula that compares to samir’s own fat burner that not only packs an immediate punch but provides lasting results.
Burn stubborn body fat: key ingredients in Lava 196 get to work immediately in stage 1 to ignite thermogenesis so you can shed unwanted body fat. In stage 2, glucose disposal agents reach levels that help push carbohydrates into your muscles to create a full, lean, and harder look – even when in a caloric deficit. And in the final stage, adaptogens reach levels that enhance your adrenals, optimize hormones, and avoid lean muscle loss.
Build fuller, harder muscles: when using Lava 196, you’re left with a more defined physique with muscles that look fuller and harder. As key nutrients build up and kick in during the three phases, you’ll not only promote fat loss and thermogenesis, but you’ll also preserve your lean muscle mass and control cortisol – the “stress” hormone that spikes hunger when it’s too high.