Red Tonik Organic Superfood Powder |Beet Root |Mushroom |Turmeric |Daily Supplement with 13 Superfoods |Vitamins and…


ORGANIC SUPERFOOD SUPPLEMENT POWDER – 13 natural plant-based raw superfood ingredients blended in a bottle. Feel invigorated with delicious berry flavor vegan multivitamin that helps you perform all day with better cardiovascular health, energy, and recovery
INCREASED FOCUS, CONCENTRATION, AND MEMORY – Whether you’re a tired parent, a busy professional, or a struggling senior, focusing on small tasks can be sometimes be challenging. Our carefully chosen ingredients boost your brain function, increasing your productivity and quality of life. Flick the switch and supercharge your mind.
ENERGETIC ALL DAY – Give your brain a ‘Super Red’ burst of energy and focus boost. Combat fatigue and perform better physically/mentally with Cordyceps(Mushroom), Beetroot, Pomegranate and Goji. Improve exercise endurance, stamina and muscle recovery