Organic Barley Grass Juice Powder– Utah Grown Raw Barley Grass Juice Extract & Green Juice Powder for Detox- Complements…


WHILE OTHER powdered BARLEY GRASS products form clumps & do not dissolve, Teaveli Barley grass juice powder FORMS NO CLUMPS & is virtually identical to fresh juice, making it EASY & ENJOYABLE TO DRINK. Teaveli’s RAW Barley grass juice extract is dried using BIOACTIVE DEHYDRATION, a process so gentle that IT RETAINS THE FLAVOR & NUTRIENTS of the young barley grass. This nutrient-dense green juice powder supports a healthy IMMUNE SYSTEM, DETOX, ENERGY LEVELS & DIGESTIVE HEALTH.
OUR USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Barley grass juice powder is nutrient rich and DELICIOUS chlorophyll powder that supports ENERGY LEVELS and DIGESTIVE HEALTH. Unlike organic Barley grass powder, our premium barley grass powder extract is a NUTRIENT-DENSE formula with a 21:1 CONCENTRATION. Unlike wheat grains, the YOUNG BARLEY GRASS POWDER does not contain gluten. All these mean that your GUT, DIGESTIVE SYSTEM AND IMMUNE SYSTEM ARE IN GOOD COMPANY with our organic green juice powder.
Get the MOST POWERFUL DETOX with our Barley grass powder extract made with young Barley grass shoots SUSTAINABLY HARVESTED in the rich soil of Utah. Unlike barleygrass capsules & tablets, our Barley grass juice powder organic, with a RARE ABUNDANCE OF CHLOROPHYLL, ANTIOXIDANTS, AMINO ACIDS, MINERALS, VITAMINS, ENZYMES and PROTEINS will be the SAFEST and most POWERFUL addition to your detox smoothies like the ones recommended by MEDICAL MEDIUM, soups with Atlantic dulse or plain water.