Odyssey Snacks, Dark Chocolate Almond Prebiotic Protein Bars, 12 Pack, 13g of Plant Protein, Healthy Gluten Free Protein…


Healthy Can Still Taste Great – Forget your old protein bars. Gluten free, organic, dairy free, vegan protein bars filled with prebiotics never tasted so good. Odyssey Snacks are nutrient dense and DELICIOUS protein snacks, providing plenty of dietary benefits with no boring flavors or tedious meal prep.
Supports Digestive Health – The search for prebiotics and probiotics for women or men can be tiring, search no further. Odyssey Snacks support your digestive health with prebiotic fiber, made into healthy snacks to improve your gut health and keep your taste buds happy
No Fake Ingredients – Keep that fake stuff outta here! Our organic protein bars contain all natural sugar and zero sugar alcohols. These protein bars low sugar low carb, give your body natural fuel to keep your gut health and body humming the way it was designed to.