Healthy Height Kids Growth Shakes – 3 Flavor Mixed Pack – Chocolate, Vanilla & Plain Protein Powder for Kids – Developed…


42 TOTAL SERVINGS: This bundle contains 3 bags with 14 servings each. Each serving includes the right combination of protein, amino acids, vitamins & minerals clinically shown to promote growth. The nutrition in Healthy Height was tested by world-renowned scientists, doctors, and researchers at Schnieder’s Children’s Hospital. It was clinically shown to help kids grow in height and gain healthy weight without increasing BMI. The clinical study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics.
SAVE 9%+ ON A BUNDLE: Our bundles offer a discount compared to buying each flavor individually! Stock up for the month and save.
SERVE DAILY: Ensuring your children eat a balanced diet can be overwhelming. Our research-based shake mix contains the right combination nutrients to help kids grow, so you don’t have to wonder whether they’re getting the quality nutrition their growing bodies need. Our shakes aren’t intended to be a meal replacement. Supplement your child’s breakfast, lunch, dinner or bedtime snack with a kid-friendly nutritional shake, or serve in a recipe as a meal.