Genius Super Greens Superfood Powder, Nootropic Supplement – Organic Spirulina Powder with Lions Mane, Kale, Spinach…


Delicious Superfood Nutrition: Genius Greens by The Genius Brand is an easy and tasty source of antioxidants, calcium, dietary fiber, iron, potassium, and protein. This powder is low in calories and high in the kinds of essential nutrients that our bodies need to perform at their best.* 20 scoops per container.
Anti-Inflammatory Blend of Fruits and Vegetables*: Our organic Greens & Blueberry Blend includes Spirulina, Kale, Spinach, and Broccoli Sprouts. The mix of nutrients in this blend can help support your immune system, energy levels, and gut health, as well as help your body detox.* Because these natural minerals are supplied in their most bioavailable form, they help provide a near-instant lift in energy.*
Natural Cognitive Support*: Lion’s Mane boosts brain function for clarity, cognition, focus, learning, and memory.* This powerful mushroom is known to improve mental health, immune function, and overall wellbeing.*