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✅ NAD+ is one of the main components of all living cells. It is essential to prevent cell aging and is important in the management of fatigue, stress and general wellbeing. Your cellular health has perhaps the most powerful influence on your wellbeing and how long you live. NMN is your strongest ally regarding these concerns.
✅ NAD+ is naturally present in the body and its levels decreases after the age of 30. Nicotinamide Mononucleotide acts as a precursor and stimulates the production of NAD+ to regain sufficient levels. The more your NAD+ pool is depleted, the less fuel there is to support the hundreds of processes which keep your body running.
✅ Thanks to its direct effects on the cells, Elevant’s NMN helps to increase daily energy, allows better recovery after exercises and maintains an optimal weight. On the mental side, It has positive effects on brain function such as transmitting messages between cells, learning, and memory.