Dive Bar Nutrition CAFFEINATED, PROTEIN BARS: Low sugar energy bar for Sports, Crossfit, Spin, WW, WLS. 4 Bars…


CAFFEINATED, PROTEIN COOKIE BARS: Fuel your life… in good taste! Dive Bar Nutrition was professor-designed for students, active parents, and working class heroes. Pre-workout or post-work, eat the macros you need, get the TASTE YOU WANT. Dive Bar Nutrition uses REAL ingredients to deliver the GO-ALL-DAY-GOURMET.
HIGH PROTEIN, LOW CARB, GOURMET TASTE: Dive Bars are modeled after a full rounded breakfast, to provide the nutrition of 3 egg whites, a fruit cup, whole wheat toast, and a cup of coffee. Delicious brown rice syrup and stevia match measured bits of REAL chocolate and/or treat mix-ins to nail your desert cravings. The whole wheat flour delivers true fiber NOT FROM ALCOHOL SWEETENERS.
LIVE FAST, DIET YUM: See why Dive Bars are the best kept secret of the web. Taste the difference. Feel the formula – in the gym, with the kids, or just getting to the next highway exit. Get more better, and GET MORE DONE!